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The office of the Registrar is located on the second floor of the Sitting Old Woman building. Functions of the office include maintaining records, orientation, registration, and admissions.

Academic Information

The class schedule and the college catalog contain all the necessary information regarding academic regulations, specific registration instructions, and general items of information, procedures and policies. Students are expected to be familiar with the policies and procedures of the College.


The Stone Child College Registrar’s office maintains information regarding students’ academic progress at Stone Child College, including grade reports and permanent academic records (transcripts).
The Stone Child College Registrar’s Office is responsible for collecting and maintaining current and accurate student information, such as tribal enrollment status, address, telephone number, major, and advisor’s name. This information is required by the federal government for determination of funding and also for maintaining accurate mailing addresses for the student body. Personal data changes such as change of address, change of major, or change of advisor should be reported to the Stone Child College Registrar’s Office. The release of a student’s grades, transcripts, and other data requires written authorization by the student. Transcript requests from students should be directed to the Registrar. Copies of transcripts may be requested at any time. Students will be charged $3.00 per copy after the first copy is issued. To expedite services, an additional $3.00 will be charged for immediate transcript requests. Transcripts may not be released if a student has financial obligations to the College.
The following directory-type of data may be given to any inquirer without written authorization from the student: name, program of enrollment, period of enrollment, diplomas or certificates awarded, honors, and/or date of completion. Any student wanting any or all of this information to remain confidential must inform the Stone Child College Registrar in writing.


Registration procedures are posted in the college’s administrative offices at the beginning of each semester (See Admission Procedures). Registration procedures are discussed in detail at the annual Fall & Spring Semester Orientation, which is open to all students and required for all new students.
Please download the following documents and submit them when you register.

Graduation Requirements


A cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher is required for each of the degrees or certificates that are offered by Stone Child College.


A minimum of 30 semester hours of credit must be earned at Stone Child College, and a minimum of 6 semester hours must be earned immediately preceding graduation.


Students must submit a complete application for graduation to the Registrar’s Office the semester before they graduate.


Students must have a complete student file and complete all graduation requirements (including grades) before participating in graduation ceremonies.


Complete an Exit Evaluation Survey in related field of study.


Pay the $30.00 graduation fee.